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Coffee, tea and kickass music brought to you by sleep-deprived baristas ! We are artists, musicians, spaced out aliens, bugs and bunnies.

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We misplace our loyalty cards too, but don't worry we give you several ways to save that precious dough. We support local libraries, bookstores and others by accepting their cards for discounts !

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Weekly Specials

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Bad Wolf

We do not know where this drink came from, it just appeared on our menu one day.

The story

While binging on the new Dr Who the owner covered a graveyard shift and decided to replace the vanilla syrup in a London Fog with Rose syrup.

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White Zombie

More caffeine and sugar than caffeine and sugar ? Actually this is named in honor of a classic Bela Lugosi movie.

Pull the string ! (actually not that one)

The Deal

Espresso and coffee and white chocolate will de-zombifie you !

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