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"A very New Orleans café. Comfortable and cozy with a touch of voodoo. Best tea selection I've ever seen. Dude behind the counter was awesome. Love everything about this place!"

"Z'otz can only be described as a spooky cafe and I dig it. Definitely my cup of tea... or should I say coffee? I'm new to the neighborhood, and I've already become a regular. It's dark and cool and pleasantly cave-like with what would appear to be a couple of real animal bones set into the walls. From the street, one would guess it was some kind of occult shop.

They brew good coffee. This may be the only place I've been where the Americanos don't taste like water. They offer several different non-dairy milks, including the one I usually buy, and they will pour it in front of you so you can choose how much you get. Iced drinks usually come with a shit ton of ice, but they don't mind if you ask for less."

"Nice little coffee shop! We stopped here to get some ground coffee to last us while we stayed in New Orleans for the weekend. Interesting place with interesting Barbi photos on the wall! They only carried a few choices of coffee to buy as beans, but were happy to grind it for us, even asking what we were bring with so they could set the grind to the ideal size. The pastries looked yummy, but we did not indulge. Once we got back to our place, I brewed a pot of coffee and was blown away at the flavor! Drank nothing but this the rest of the weekend. Got back home and used the same ground beans in my Aeropress and was equally impressed at the quality and flavor! Definitely worth a go if you are in town!"

"I don't get to go as often as I would like (moved out of town) but I love this coffee shop with all my heart. The drinks are good. The atmosphere and people are even better. I had some of the most formative moments of young adulthood sitting in this coffee shop. Surprisingly, the bathrooms are my favorite part, you would have to see them in person to understand. I love this place so much I make a point to stop by every time I visit home."


Best tea, coffee, and atmosphere in town! Zotz is a utopian establishment where culture, comedy, and deep substance mingle in the flavor and aroma of beverage and food artistry."

"Eclectic atmosphere, friendly service, very good blackberry hibiscus iced tea, and yummy white zombie iced coffee."

"I just tried this place for the first time, and absolutely loved it. The coffee and chicory was delicious, the atmosphere was so creative and cozy , plus it’s open late. Incredible spot.|

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